Luxury Cut Roses for the Floral Trade
Pajarosa is a leader of luxury cut-roses grown in America. Prominent florists, wedding planners and designers have relied on us for over 40 years to supply spectacular roses that delight the most discerning clients.

We take pride in our incredible selection of rose types and colors, in our sustainable practices, and in being 100% American grown.

Industry Leading Quality
The quality of our roses is unmatched. They have lush foliage, healthy blooms, consistent in color, and extremely long lasting. When compared to roses sold at street side or in big box stores, our roses appear to be from a whole different category. We believe that Pajarosa roses epitomize the concept of “affordable luxury.”

Sustainable Practices
We have long sought to reduce the impact of our growing and shipping practices on the environment. We have found that reducing the use of water, recycling plant nutrients, and using benificial insects and other methods for pest control is good for the planet–and for business. We are proud of our sustainabilty certification which acknowledges that we meet the highest standards for sustainability in our growing and labor practices.


Partners in Profitability
Achieving profitability in the floral trade is a continuing challenge. At Pajarosa we have honed our production and business processes to ensure that we are the responsive, dependable, partner you need for success in your day-to-day business. We combine the sophisticated processes of a mature business with the personal service and pride of a Second-generation family owned operation.

Perfect Roses for Special Moments
We know that our roses play an important role in some of the most important moments in people’s lives. Pajarosa roses appear in bridal boquets, decorate wedding chapels and party tents. They provide color and warmth in the lobbies and rooms of prominent hotels, communicate love and respect at memorial services, and even add to the pomp at White House receptions. We understand that every rose we ship must be as perfect as nature and careful growing will allow.

Consistently Stunning
We were pioneers in adapting hydroponic growing techniques to rose production. The unprecedented control this gives us over every stage of flower development helps ensure consistent high flower quality. That, together with our modern processes for managing growing, packaging, and shipping our flowers make us perhaps the most dependable supplier in the entire cut flower industry.